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Announcement: Matrix Spoof Premier Tomorrow

After a year and a half of clandestine shoots, countless nights of take-out food, screenplay re-write meetings and post-production nightmares, The Matrix Regurgitated is finally done and will be premiering in San Francisco this weekend.

I was recruited nearly a year and a half ago by a band of talented misfits and subsequently cast in the ethnically inappropriate role of Agent Smith, primarily on strength of my uncanny impression of Hugo "I'm going to enjoy watching you die, Mister Anderson" Weaving.

I will be at the Werepad screening tomorrow, July 11th. Anyone interested in meeting up beforehand for a light dinner or whatever, send me a message by email or leave comment here.

The Werepad
2430 Third St.
San Francisco, CA

Doors open at 8:30 pm - show begins at 9:00.

Now, back to the next script I'm working on ...

Completely Unrelated Postscript: As if this is news to anyone - the Japanese are completely friggin insane (thanks to owyn for that link).
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