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Name That LJ User!

AOL Instant-Message Transcript:

(originally a discussion about an incident from a year ago, which quickly devolved into something much, much worse)
pjammerHK: So yeah - that's a story to tell the kids when they turn 18.
[anonymous]: When kids turn 18, I tell them stories too.
[anonymous]: "You're not like other girls your age."
[anonymous]: "I've never felt like this before about anyone."
[anonymous]: "You're FAR more mature than other 18-year-olds."

( ... )

So give it a shot and try to NAME THAT LJ USER!

PS: I know, I know ... I need to upload my NY pics. Work-related stuff has been kicking my ass so please be patient - though I DO appreciate those of you who sent concerned emails over the fact that I haven't updated in a week. :)
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