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Unsolicited Compliment

Danville, CA – Appleby’s Restaurant. 8:30 pm

I’m dining alone, as has been my pattern of late given my hectic and erratic schedule, head still swirling with a dozen last-minute errands I need to complete before my trip to New York, when I look up and see one of the most exquisitely beautiful faces in recent memory.

She looks to be Eurasian, about 5’5 and in her mid-twenties, and as she handed me the menu, my eyes immediately dart to her delicate hands. What do you know - there’s a ring. Ah, but such is the luck of vagabond fools, neh? I chuckle at myself inwardly before ordering my salad while my thoughts wander to other places, other worlds.

As I finish my meal, on impulse I began to scribble on my notepad:


I hope this doesn’t offend you – but I just wanted to say you have one of the most exquisitely beautiful faces I’ve seen in recent memory. I did notice that ring – and its presence probably spared you what would have undoubtedly been my clumsy attempt to get your number. :)

Your husband is a lucky man. But I’m sure he already knows that. :)

- P

I fold the note over twice and, in another fit of impulsivity, hand it to her when she drops off my check. As she read the scrap of paper, her tired face broke into a smile and she blushes as she looks back at me.

“Oh my God ... thank you! You just made my day!”

“Likewise.” I reply. "Likewise."

To receive a compliment delivered with no expectation of some reward or quid pro quo is a pleasure all too rare these days, and I was happy my little gambit brightened her day.

I pay the check and leave the change from a weathered ten-dollar bill – head across the street to my car where I remember the dozen-odd errands that wait for me still.

And miles to go, before I sleep.

And miles to go, before I sleep.
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