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LJ/Blogger RSVP for The Matrix: Pre-Loaded

Apologies for the late update - between my day job and evening meetings with co-producers that last up until 2am, my hectic life feels like it's been drop-kicked into madness overdrive.

As I originally promised, wanted to offer a special chance for LJ and other online journalers/bloggers to win one of the tickets we've set aside for the raffle to the very first screening of The Matrix: Reloaded at the San Francisco Metreon.

Cover charge to The Matrix: Pre-Loaded party to the general public is $12.

Readers of this journal who'd like to be placed on the VIP list ($5 cover charge, entry in a seperate raffle exclusive to online journalers and Drink Club RSVP guests:

1. Promote the party on your journal by coping-pasting the following into your LJ:

<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/pjammer/2003/05/14"><img src="http://www.dissonant.org/~pjammer/graphics/matrix.jpg" alt="The Matrix: Pre-Loaded Party"><br>(click on Trinity for details on how to win tickets to see the very first screening of the Matrix in San Francisco!)</a>

2. Paste a link to your journal/blog entry in the comments section of this entry, along with your name/online handle you'd like to add to the VIP list. You're allowed to add one guest's name to yours on the VIP list; if you are bringing a guest, make sure you include their name/handle as well.

3. This VIP list additions will be closed at 5:00 PST.

For those of you who are able to make it to the city - I'll see you tonight.

- pjammer

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