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Mother's Day Dinner @ The Hilton

Sunday, 18:30 - Stanley's Grill, The Hilton.

Had a relaxing dinner with the parental units after picking them up at the airport from their vacation/cruise in Canada.

In the course of our conversation (where we talked about some of chaos in my recent personal life) I was reminded once again of the a phenomenally keen people-watcher behind my mother's quiet, introverted exterior. I may *think* I have some degree of psychological coverage, but compared to her observational intuition about people, I am a thumbsucking amateur.

Considering the depressing frequency with which friends and acquaintances tell me about the estranged/dysfunctional/outright hostile relationships they have with their parents, I count myself among the luckiest guys on the planet to have a mother who understands me - flaws and all - loves me anyway ... and offers the sort of grounded, thoughtful advice in my moments of confusion and doubt that brings me clarity. I told her as much tonight (its equivalent in Mandarin Chinese, anyway) and had to endure a moment of public mushiness from her for my trouble. :)

I know I don't say it often enough - but for all the petty dramas and minor irritations that may plague our exchanges, I still believe I have the best mom in the world.

Happy Mother's Day.

- The Luckiest Son on the Planet

Dad, Mom, Me

PS: Sorry for the delay - Matrix ticket giveaway details will be posted tomorrow. Family has priority over LJ ... if but barely. :)
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