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The Matrix Pre-Loaded Launch Party - Weds, May 14th 7PM

Press Release:

Four years in the making, The Matrix: Reloaded opens in theaters nationwide on May 15th.

In anticipation of the event, SF-based Aloft Interactions is presenting The Matrix Pre-loaded - a multimedia film launch event on May 14th from 7pm to Midnight to celebrate its release. Tickets to a special pre-opening-night screening of The Matrix: Reloaded (which starts at 10:00 pm that evening at the SF Metreon Theaters) will be raffled at the event, with proceeds going to benefit the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and the Institute for Canine Forensics.

Event Includes:

· Real-time, multimedia presentations on the Art & Philosophy of The Matrix Trilogy

· “Style” of The Matrix Fashion Show

· Interactive “Hong-Kong Stunt Action” exhibit to illustrate the choreographic artistry of the films

· “Trinity” look-alike contest

· Playboy Magazine photo shoot submission

· “Take The Blue Pill Or Red Pill” performance art piece

· Professor William Irwin, Ph.D., author of The Matrix and Philosophy, delivering a real-time analysis of The Matrix film as it plays live as well as offering signed copies of his book

· Professors of film theory will be dissecting the hidden layers of meaning in The Matrix film

· Live DJ-sets incorporating Matrix motifs and elements

· Screenings of original Matrix shorts and trailers for the new film

· Highly-anticipated Enter The Matrix Game demos

· “The Animatrix” screening (original Japanese Animation shorts based on The Matrix)

· Direct audience engagement with the special-FX wizards from ESC Studios

· On-site, custom creations of original “Matrix Preloaded” T-Shirt Art

Aloft Interactions is hosting “The Matrix Pre-loaded,” the brainchild of San Francisco conceptual artist Farsam & San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker Kai Chang.

The Mezzanine
444 Jessie Street @ Mint
San Francisco, CA 94103
Direct link to Mapquest

Wednesday May 14, 2003
7:00 pm to Midnight

After spending four years and over $130 million dollars, the Wachowski Brothers are ready to showcase the sequel to the most iconic and philosophically charged film of our generation. “The Matrix Pre-loaded” is an event that will celebrate the aesthetic, philosophical and cinematic dimensions The Matrix while engaging Bay Area fans of The Matrix to connect with one another as well as a chance to directly interact with some of the creators of the films and authors who have written extensively on the film’s cultural impact. The event will attempt to immerse both casual and die-hard fans into the visceral-thrills and deeper meanings of The Matrix.

Farsam, Aloft Interactions


Currently have urgent need for a Bay Area graphic artist with experience in designing full-color event-promotion 3x5 cards capable of delivering finished product within two to three hours of assignment (need them by 7:00pm this evening).

Willing to pay $60/Hour for up to two hours of your professional time. Only artists with online resumes and portfolios will be considered - please send links (NOT attachments) to pjammer@livejournal.com to be considered.
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