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Meet Daniel Knauf

Daniel Knauf offers some of the most lucid, informative and entertaining essays on the world of screenplays and Hollywood:

Stupid Writer Tricks - The meeting from Hell and how I blew six figures by (gasp) telling the truth

You're a Genius! - The most damaging lie told in Hollywood on a regular basis

Why an acting class might be the best screenwriting class you can take

and finally,

How to become a good screenwriter

First and foremost:

Stop writing screenplays.


Start reading poetry;
Read more poetry;
Write poetry;
Lots of poetry;
Stop talking;
Shoplift food;
Work at a series of meaningless jobs;
Get betrayed by someone you cherish;
Be afraid;
Watch THE SEVEN SAMURAI without reading the subtitles;
Pray for forgiveness. Mean it;
Read your poetry out loud to an unappreciative audience;
Get stoned;
Contemplate suicide;
Help someone for no reason;
"Ho ho," you're thinking, "that Dan . . . what a card! What a goof!"

Well, here's the ugliest truth of all--I'm perfectly serious. There is not even a trace of a smile on my lips as I write this. Nobody wants to read a movie about a movie written by somebody who's only seen movies.

(thanks to Raymond for originally finding/linking Knauf's excellent essays.)
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