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As some of you know, LJ has a nifty feature which lets you bookmark particularly memorable entries from your own (or others') journal.

Though I haven't been writing much in my LJ, I have been browsing through others' public Memories files. It's an interesting experience - and now I am a bit curious about what you've flagged in your Memories.

To those of you who are interested, I invite you to share a few of your favorite journal entries from your own keyboard or that of your friends ...

A few ideas for stuff you've bookmarked that I'd be interested to read ...

[a] serious entry from your own journal
[b] funny entry from your own journal
[c] serious an entry from someone else's journal that you found link-worthy
[d] funny entry from somebody else's journal
[e] an outstanding entry from a fake journal
[f] an entry with a raging flamewar in the comments section

and best of all ...

[g] an unintentionally funny entry

(PS: I do get quite a bit of click-through traffic, so please be careful about linking stuff in other's journal that you think they might wish to keep private. If in doubt ... ask the person in question!)
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