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Lean-Burn Engineering

During my days as a student at UCSD, I suffered from some serious academic wanderlust; I spent quite a few quarters as an Engineering "Marla", taking random classes from the AMES department. Ultimately, I realized I couldn't cut it as an engineer - but remain to this day an avid reader of periodicals like Popular Mechanics (a magazine of discussing cutting-edge engineering projects - not, though its title may suggest otherwise, a rag featuring auto repairmen who score attractive dates).

Spent this morning reading a fascinating article forwarded to me by a friend: VW unveils 1 litre/100 km car.

While not as lean-burning a vehicle as the winner of the Shell Eco Marathon Competition (5581 miles/gallon!), the 100km/litre (62.14 miles/0.26417 gallons = 235.23 miles/gallon) VW is a fully road-worthy vehicle capable of maintaining its impressive fuel consumption driving at 75kph (47mph).

235 MPG Volkswagen
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