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As some of you know, on April 1st, 1999 many syndicated newspaper cartoonists agreed to "swap" strips and draw somebody else's characters/comic strip for the day. It was an entertaining prank that has since been used by quite a number of online comic artists.

ghostwriters is a community for people interested in writing in the style of another user. Is there a LJ user (could be real or fictional) with a distinctive "voice" you'd like to ghost-write? Perhaps you want to find other people with which to "swap" journals for an entry or two?

I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions on the idea.

PS: I'm also looking for a cool community logo/icon if any Photoshop wizards out there want to donate some time ... :)

(added 15:23 3-13-02)
PPS: The original purpose of ghostwriters is to help individuals who are interested in "trading places" to find each other, serve as a discussion forum for ghost-writers to talk about the craft, and perhaps to showcase the best/most convincing journal spoofs (I'm hoping to see some sarcastic over-the-top caricatures). That said, I had an interesting conversation with a friend this afternoon and am now curious - does anybody know what the ethics are for spoofing/parodying somebody's public journal without their participation (or perhaps even knowledge)? Perhaps a spoof of Jennicam's journal (you know you want to write that one, jaffo) or some other non-LJ online personality.</blockquote>
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