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Now what could I have written that got their attention?

Excerpt of yesterday's server logs:

  07 Nov, Wed, 10:19:12     MSIE 4     Windows 98  
  07 Nov, Wed, 10:30:13     BU-WCS3-SAND.NIPR.MIL  </font>   Netscape 4  </font>   Windows NT  </font>
  07 Nov, Wed, 10:46:55     Netscape 4     Windows 98  
  07 Nov, Wed, 10:56:20     Netscape 4     Linux 2  
  07 Nov, Wed, 11:00:00     BU-WCS3-SAND.NIPR.MIL     Netscape 3  </font>   Other  

Yrrrgh ... what's nipr.mil? A quick online search revealed some rather interesting details on the U.S. Department of Defense.

NIPR - Department of Defense Network Operations (NIPRNet);

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has established a number of NIPRNet gateways to the Internet, which will be protected and controlled by firewalls and other technologies.

The following information was also provided on Mar 01 2001 by a citizen to further describe the role and function of NIPR:

The DISA created NIPR so that NIPR is essentially a VERY secure, single point of contact for all DoD connections to the web. Imagine it as a super firewall for all of the DoD's various branches, partners, and educational institutions that work with the DoD.

Two computers from NIPR.mil surfed this journal for almost an hour and a half. Wonder what they were looking for? Anyone have any idea what NIPR wants?
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