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Things to Do ... Places to See

Very productive day. Today's agenda:

[1] Scouted out a few locations to take digital-camera snapshots of my next DVD-screenshot-capture film spoof

[2] Bought an inexpensive tripod to mount digital camera for aimed shots

[3] Read two excellent academic/research essays on the psychology of liars by Paul Ekman (UCSF professor whose research focuses on deception psychology, and actively works as a consultant to law enforcement agencies worldwide on interrogation tactics):   Why Don't We Catch Liars? and how the ability to detect deceit generalizes across different types of high-stake lies.

[4] Sent a get-well card to a good friend who needs some cheering up :)

[5] Watched the entire BMW Film Series on my computer. Holy cow, that DVD rocks. Drool, drool - I want a silver M5 like you can't believe.

[6] Followed up with the assistant editor at Maxim Magazine about a pitch/submission for a possible article (knock on wood!).

And now ... time to waste a few hours on my LJ. Excellent.
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