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Sanjuro/Birthday Post. WoW Love. Your Essential People.

Another birthday, another time zone.

I woke up yesterday to a surprising influx (numbering in the hundreds per minute) of inbound hits to two posts:

A little sleuthing on Technorati uncovered that both links came from the wildly popular WoW Insider, where Allison Robert wrote a very flattering lead about enjoying my writing, before diving into her piece on "The 10 People You Need to Know in WoW." Thanks for the link-love! :)

Quite coincidently, I have recently been asked to speak to my alumni association for new graduates on the topic of business networking and was looking to revamp that list for my presentation.

So a birthday request - what one thing would you add to The 16 Essential People of Your Life (or what modifications/edits would you make to an existing entry)?

Now back to Macau ...
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