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Faking the Rapture/Mind-Jobbing Fundie Christians

So I imagine that 'my people' (real-life friends, readers, birds-of-a-feather bloggers) are, as a population, a largely secular lot - ranging from confidently atheist rationalists to areligious agnostics, with a smattering of 'spiritual-not-dogmatic' and weakly-deist rounding out the population.

Given that, some exposition may be necessary before I get to the punchline of this post, so bear with me.

Said areligious community, and the world of Born-Again Christians who wholly accept the Bible as literal fact have few points of cultural intersection. Books like Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' wildly popular Left Behind novels (a post-apocalyptic serial, based on the literal interpretation of Christian rapture and deeply influential in contemporary-Christian zeitgeist) are virtually unknown to the secularists.

At the core of Rapture eschatology is the notion that sometime (soon!), upon Christ's return to a benighted Earth, true believers/Christians will be swept up by God and vanish from the face of the planet, leaving even their clothes in piles where they stood. Atheists, Muslims and Jews are simply Left Behind to face the consequences of their heresy to be smited by the Almighty for their disbelief.

Now - pulling a mind-job prank on a person whose critical facilities have been addled by such Biblical fantasy is both

[1] absurdly easy
[2] incredibly cruel

... the sort of stunt Penn Jillette would pull if he was in an extra-snarky mood. That the following was orchestrated by a self-described Christian is all the more flabbergasting, and while I felt a tiny bit bad for laughing my ass off, I still feel compelled to share:


Poll #1190922 Prank 3:16 - Faking the Rapture

That prank was

pure, uncut awesome.
funny, but I felt bad laughing.
not funny because it was cruel.
not funny because it was blasphemous.

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