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TED Tonight, BIL Tomorrow.


A few of you who know me IRL know this has been a HELL of a few weeks - in every sense of the word; your support and caring means more to me than I can convey in a simple blog post. All I can say here is - thank you.

In a moment, I will begin the long drive toward Monterey for pre-TED get-togethers; If I had my druthers, I'd reschedule these things, but unfortunately, commitments are what they are and there are promises to keep.

It's not all downside - I am having dinner tonight at 7:30 with fellow TED attendee Jon Staenberg and some mutual friends/business contacts. Local Monterey folk, LJ friends (I'm looking at you mauitian), are welcome to join in - please message me and I'll fill you in on details.

A repeat from a previous post: are there folks I know in Monterey, or people I should meet with when I am there? Are there others on this list who will be attending BIL or TED that I should meet? Please speak up!

More soon.
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