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Stormhoek. Conversations. Laws of War. MADDOX!

Dinner last night with Jason Korman, CEO of Stormhoek Wines in San Mateo at 231 Ellsworth.

There is a strange intimacy to converse with someone you've never met in person but share substantial overlaps in worldview and personality for the first time; our conversational Kwisatz Haderach touched upon wine and then vaulted in a dozen directions; from British business culture, memetics and social dynamics, authoritarian politics and its unintended consequences on its citizens, the choices and consequences modern men have about relationships/intimacy, AutoBlogger, the BMW Films and the horrible movie 'Sideways.'

A 6:00 dinner reservation ended with us parting ways at 10:00pm, drunk on great conversation more than the bottle of fine white wine we polished off (not Stormhoek, I know you'd ask).

In tangential news, I am delighted to see that Robert Greene, who I met for lunch back in 2002, has completed his magnus opus, The 33 Strategies of War and has a blog - Power Seduction and War.

This Friday, I will be in San Jose to meet with Maddox for a book signing of his absurdly hysterical work The Alphabet of Manliness.

Photos forthcoming.
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