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Prezzle. Every Breath You Take. Seeking Hostess/MC

Intense weekend of nonstop meetings, highlight of which was attending Paul Graham's Startup School at the Stanford campus. Excellent, excellent material, and met a few promising people that I need to follow up with in the upcoming week.

A few plugs and a question for the audience:

  • Thanks to bride for alerting me to Prezzle, a whimsically clever online gift-certificate/e-card service.

  • The Dismal Science meets 80s-pop music with hilarious results, in Every Breath You Take.

  • Response to the Stormhoek wine-tasting event is going extremely well; RSVP now stands at 95 attendees as of 06:45, May 1, 2006. In addition to a fun-packed evening of wine and conversation, attendees will enjoy live acapella music, courtesy of the Stanford Harmonics. Question for the audience: I am now seeking an MC/Hostess for the evening to help me run things from the front end. Does anybody know a reliable, charismatic actress in the Bay Area who can fulfill MC duties that I can hire for the evening? Prefer somebody with an established acting portfolio (and has a demo reel), as well as solid referrals. If you are, or know somebody who fits the bill, please contact me at [my username] @gmail.com with resume/headshots.

Now I prepare for the presentations at Haas ... whoo ...

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