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"In Sickness and in ..."

So that attack of hiccups on Monday ended mutating into something much, much worse - a nasty full-blown flu that sent me into my first illness in almost five years.

Clearly, somebody failed his Constitution saving-throw, bigtime.

102 fever. Splitting headache. Heavy, wracking coughing attacks clearing my lungs of, well, I'll spare you the graphic details. By all appearances, I seem to be on the tail end of this thing, and have been feeling much better in the last 24 hours.

Am still unclear if I am fit for work tomorrow, but I remain optimistic.

I've tried to get back to as many people as I could but if I owe you a return email/phone call and you've been wondering where I dissapeared off to, now you know. Should be back in fighting shape by midweek, if my recovery trajectory holds ... at which point the funny gets turned back on and I become my usual cheerfully cantakerous self.

Until then, amuse yourself with today's internet find: Black Market Babies!

PS: kenshi, we are definitely on for some debauchery in the city when you are in town; though I would tilt a glass of whiskey with you even in the depths of my illness, I am glad you can see me in better shape than I was last week. Email forthcoming.

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